Q. How do I address you?

You may call Me Miss or Mistress Courtney

Q. Is there parking available?

Yes, plenty

Q. Will I see anyone else at the Acre of Correction?

No, unless pre-agreed and discussed. Discretion is 100% assured and your information will be kept confidential.

Other Mistresses or slaves can be requested to join experiences but not without your consent.

Q. Can I touch you?

Not without permission. I do NOT offer intimate body worship nor do I session naked.

Q. Is there an age limit?

Yes, you must be at least 21 and your application will be inspected closely. Long sessions are very intense and you must be ready for it.

Q. How is everything cleaned?

Medical grade cleaning products are used to clean all equipment. For toys I use a multi-step cleaning process.

Q. How do I go to the toilet in the prison?

A bucket is provided and you will need to empty and wash this when necessary. There is a bathroom in the dungeon block.

Q. What do I eat?

Food will be given if requested (some prisoners choose not to eat) and dietary requirements will be taken into consideration however meals will be bland, minimal and may come with spit. Bottled water is supplied.

Q. Is the prison cold?

It’s a prison… but we have heating. It can be turned up or down depending on how well you impress Me.

Q. Do you offer discounts?

No, long sessions are incredibly intense for not only the sub but the Mistress too. There is a lot of prep that goes into My stays and depending on how long you book, 1-2 days of set up before a stay are set aside and a day after the stay for in-depth sanitation.

You may send your tribute via bank transfer (preferred) or present it in an envelope as cash.

Gifts are always welcome – I love flowers, red wine and perfume. Fetish wear and high heels (size 2UK or 35EU) are an extra special treat. Dungeon tools and furniture are such fun!

Q. Are you strict?

Depending on the type of stay We plan together, the time can be high protocol (very strict), have moments of more intensity or a more relaxed feel to it. Once your application is received and accepted We can discuss further.

Q. What activities do you NOT offer?

Adult Baby Play – Hardsports – Intimate Worship – Nudity – Armpit Worship, Fart or Burp Fetish.

My Hard Limits: