About the Acre of Correction

Welcome to the Acre of Correction, I am Mistress Courtney. I first went to the OWK (Other World Kingdom) in 2017 and I fell in love instantly. It was My dream to create something in the UK that had multiple rooms and outdoor space where there was no one around to hear your screams.


Covid hit in 2020 and that’s when I decided to start looking to buy a home with lots of land. After many months of searching and a few failed offers, I found this beautiful, old house north of Hereford with an acre of land an outdoor studio spaces. Everything was falling to pieces and hadn’t been updated in years – que the avocado green bathroom in the house.


Since March 2021, I have been working hard on renovating the dungeons – they are the most important and we started with the smaller of the two rooms. We needed to fit a bathroom, luckily there was a random outdoor toilet near the outbuilding which We connected up. Then came the outdoor decking as there’s nothing better than doing something naughty out in the open with the sun on your face. Next was the prison cell which came with some drama but finally We had a large cell (with a very uncomfortable bed), pit and enough space to film in and use for activities. Finally in 2024 the renovation of the main and largest dungeon began. I couldn’t wait to fit the suspension and move all the furniture around! Leaving two large dungeons – one black, silver and gold and the other ,a more domestic setting with four poster bed and beautiful chaise lounge. A sneaky medical room in the corner for all those poor slaves who need sewing up at the end of a hard beating! As time goes on more will be added including outdoor cells, cages and hidden areas for more debauchery. One day I will get to renovating the house so it will be an ongoing project. It is so wonderful to watch it blossom!


Hidden in the countryside, a hidden gem of stolen moments and hidden fantasies, don’t worry, your secret is safe with Me! Once in My clutch, the outside world will be a distant memory.

So, are you in need of correction?